Reasons To Go To Natural Cosmetics

From organic food to sustainable fashion, to natural cosmetics … The eco-friendly lifestyle is gaining ground in society. Now we live more committed to the environment, responsible consumption, and we like to lead a lifestyle as healthy as possible. How can we not also worry about the care of our skin? However, many people are unaware of what we ‘take to the skin’ on a daily basis. Derived from petroleum, pesticides, silicones, sulfates … They are some of the most dangerous toxins used in cosmetics, and that may be putting your health at risk.

Natural cosmetics have been overshadowed for many years due to the marketing and strength that traditional cosmetics have gained. Luckily cosmetic habits are changing, and we are returning to recover the essence of “good cosmetics.” We propose five reasons that, if you still use conventional cosmetics, will make you change your mind.

It has more active ingredients.

Many traditional brands use filler ingredients during their manufacture, and this means that they do not have any “beneficial” function on the skin since it does not provide anything special, it is only used to reduce costs. It is not the same to use mineral oil derived from petroleum that does not have any active ingredient than almond oil s that has 100% active ingredients.

The effect is superior.

When we apply a product on the skin where everything is active, everything has a function, and the skin will react much better making each and every one of them perform the specific function for which it has been formulated at the INCI, and therefore the results will be much faster and more effective.

The benefit on the skin

The fact of using natural products makes the skin tolerate it better and absorbs everything we put on it, so the skin is not only more permeable and active but using products that do not clog the pores make the skin receive absolutely all product making the results visible and that its application is 100% beneficial.


The natural, healthy, and 100% toxic-free cosmetics by philosophy does not work with ingredients that have been tested on animals, as well as the final product. So if you buy this type of cosmetics, you are helping to stop cruelty in thousands of animals a year around the world.

They take care of the environment.

Most brands tend to take care of the environment using recycled materials, making sure to promote the local economy, etc. They are much more aware of protecting the environment and all that this entails.

Dermatologist tested

The products go through strict security control in independent laboratories. There are several tests that a cosmetic must go through to ensure that it is safe, effective, hypoallergenic, and does not irritate the most sensitive skin.